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Meet Tim

a photo of Tim Parker, Owner of Timothy Parker Painting

Tim began his painting journey during High School summers. He spent most of his 20's in Washington, DC working in the Food & Beverage industry. He has never really put down a brush - keeping his skills sharp by expanding into the realm of furniture & cabinetry in his down time. Through his experience in DC, he developed a customer and client first mentality that carries through to his work in the painting industry. Tim returned to the South Shore in the Summer of 2016 and gradually started working toward his goal of opening his own business. He's spent the last couple years learning all he can about new painting techniques and honing in on his technical skills. 

Tim is a South Shore native, outdoor enthusiast, and avid local sports fan. When he's not refreshing, updating, or enhancing local homes and businesses, you'll find him at the beach or exploring local trails with his daughter, Elle, wife, Courtney and dog, Ridley. 

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